Paint correction is an important service that restores the condition of the paint on your vehicle, removing colour inconsistency, marks and mottling. Our passionate and experienced staff will measure the paint depth and condition using digital meters and carefully analyse the work required in order to restore the paint to and achieve an amazing end result.

After the paint condition and depth is established, it’s time for a paint clean using a high pressure rinse and quality PH Neutral shampoo wash. Your car then progresses through decontamination via a clay covering.

The final part of the paint correction process is to compound down the depth in order to remove the defects such as scratches, oxidation, holograms & buffer trails. Depending on the vehicle suitability, a combination of abrasive polishes, finishing polishes and buffing pads may be used.

Our local Adelaide based team are passionate auto enthusiasts and we understand the pride of owning a classic in concourse condition – the paint protection process is

We have some of the best paint correction services in Adelaide and you are welcome to visit our workshop and see our procedures, clean environment, and ask any questions you may have.

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